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No single path is better than another. These different paths are best for different people today which result in exactly the same God.

When girls ignore external objects and develops foresight and vivid attitude as a result of electricity of data, she becomes company of wealths of skies and earth. Then she should really marry an eligible husband.

I might like to question all All those critcs of Vedas here like Samuel or hyder that They can be utilizing Vedic hymns to point out that teachings of Mumhammed or Jesus and vedas were identical then why dont these folks acknowledge a simple tenet that all sorts of worship may result in supreme being and just it truly is “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti”, and like these men and women check with us to just accept I slam or christianity if they belive god is one then why dont these settle for hindu gods

Yaad karte hai tumhe tanhi me, Dil duba hai gamo ki gahrai me, Hume mat dhundo duniya ki bhid me, Hum milenge tumhe fir kisi, free SMS ki plan me!

I don’t Feel so All of this reasoning is of any use. The world sees the nation through today’s lenses and with Girls being oppressed they will only believe what you assert are adulterated and fake portions of smritis and also other texts.

Parents need to reward their daughter intellectuality and electrical power of information when she leaves for husband’s home. They must give her a dowry of knowledge.

Raaste aise ho, jo chalen Raaste aise ho, jo chalen ko majboor kare, Maikhane aise ho jo peene ko majboor kare, Jab koi maut ka daaman thamnaa chahe, tow dost aise ho jo jeene ko majboor kare By Jeet

pal pal intahan leti hai jindagi pal pal intahan leti hai jindagi roj naye sadme bhi deti hai jindagi

Jis din se juda vo humse hue Jis din se juda vo humse hue is dil ne dharkna chor diya hai chaand ka mooh bhi utra utra taaro ne chamkna chor diya By Masood Ahmed

6 And God said, Let there be described as a firmament inside the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

Jab Jab hume pyaas lagti hai, Unke aane ki aas lagti hai unki dewangi mein hum ho gaye itne dewane, Ki har ladki ki maa apni saas lagti hai

व्यस्ये मित्रवरुनौ ह्रिदश्चित्तन्यस्यतम

1. Lord Parashuram desroyed the Kshatriya clan many times. In historical times the castes brahman, Kshatriya, vaishya and sudra were determined by not being born in the family of that caste, but According to his/her attributes and steps.. Thats why bhagavad Gita claims Chaturvarnyam maya srishtam Guna karma vibhagasha:.

Her sham ke bad rat ati hai, her baat ke undesirable read more tumhari yaad ati hai,, chup reh ker bi dekh lia hum ne,Khamoshion se bi tumhari awaz ati hai.

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